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What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

Shumbham Gupta

Softmore IT is a customer friendly Information Technology Solution Company which works according to our needs and wants rather than imposing the obvious. They mould their services to fit our requisites.

Saurabh Bhagat

I have been a client of Softmore since 1 years and it has been a wonderful experience in working with them as they don’t only work for us but help us gain knowledge about this field so that we don’t lack with the competitive environment.

Pushpa Preetam

The most attracting feature of softmore team is the multiple number of services it provides and the offers that comes with these services are very interesting. They keep coming up with offers on various occasions. They focus on their clients. I had a great experience with Softmore IT.

Praveen Kumar

The working of the company is intelligible and the method adopted is well planned. The delivery of work is on time by the company without any further say which makes it even more amicable.

Rithik Sharma

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